At tired bear the message is simple. Adventure young.
You're never too young to start having adventures or to set your imagination wild. The tired bear ethos is about having fun and developing young imaginations along the way
The masterplan was to make the coolest, most interesting and well made animal tails for kids on the planet. Not everyone wants to be a cat. We should encourage children to be unique and emmerce themselves in their interests, grow their immaginations and don't limit them. I want them to giggle and squirm with delight when they put on a tail and express that inner animal.
Not all my costumes are big sellers, but there are a handful of kids in this world who are obsessed with scorpions, or orcas or lobsters and that animal tail would make them feel invincible. That's tired bears aim. The brand is also about adventure, adventure young and adventure old, just get out there and explore. Imaginative play develops healthy and active imaginations in young children that lead to a whole lifetime of adventures.

My own venture started in 2016 in South West England where the dragon tails were born. After the dragons came the best dinosaur of all time the stegosaurus, Followed by the shark and orca. I took tired bear with me when I moved to the artic, an island called Svalbard became home for most of a year and I was lucky enough to encounter polar bears in the wild. Adventure is what I was after and adventure is what I got.
But my small business tugged at my heart strings and with Svalbard being about as remote as you can get, I returned to the UK to persue tired bear. I moved to Edinburgh, the city of Art and creativity and the tired bear range blossomed and I started to attend markets and fairs.
After possibly the best 2 years of my life, my feet grew itchy and the need for another adventure grew strong. I made the decision to move to New Zealand, only the opposite side of the world right? In 2019 I bought a camper van and I travelled around the south island for 9 months, working here and there but seeing and exploring every inch of that beautiful island. I adventured hard. But yet again my heart missed the creativity and motivation tired bear brings out in me. I settled in hawkes Bay on the east coast of the North island and set up shop, from my bedroom. 
All costumes are designed and handmade by me with care and are tested to BS EN 71 (safety of toys) and carry the  logo.
If you have any questions or just want to get in touch you can email me at