Collaborating with a blogger..

Just before Christmas I attended a craft fair in Uckfield called The Country Lifestyle Christmas Fair, it was a two day event with lots of great stuff on sale. While I was there I was approached for the first time by blogger offering to do a collaboration where she would take some photo's, post on social media and write a blog post in return for a dragon tail each of her twins.

Now the thought of this situation coming to pass at some point had crossed my mind, although admittedly I thought I would be the one approaching the blogger (big compliment for me) and I had been advised to find out their 'stats' before agreeing to anything. So I discussed this with Bex the blogger and as expected her stats were irrelevant because they were far higher than mine so it was agreed that we would collaborate. I also checked out her blog for myself and saw that she took really great photo's of her kids and I myself find it hard to create a great deal of content with children wearing my tails without paying for it as there are few young children in my family and friend circle. So I thought at the very least I would get some gorgeous photo's of the tails on two adorably photogenic kids, which I'm pleased to say was definitely achieved.

The blog post Bex wrote was lovely and she was keen to be transparent with her readers that she received the tails free in exchange for a review, which is a quality that is also important to me in a collaborator. I have put a link to her blog post below where you can have a look at her other posts and photos too. 





In the past I've felt like there hasn't been that much information for small business's on how to go about contacting bloggers and collaborating with them, so hopefully this, my first story on the subject will help some of you that may be in a similar situation. 


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