Astronaut Helmet Costume and DIY Homemade Astronaut Suit

I am making my first non animal costume ever and the worthy costume Astronaut Helmet! 


Last year when I was living in Svalbard, Norway with my brother (you can read a mini blog post about it here) he was telling me about a sci-fi film that he wanted to shoot on Svalbard because of its amazing and varied terrain. He wanted me to make him an astronaut suit like it was no big deal...I mean I am good.. but anyway it inspired me to make an astronaut helmet kids costume. like all my other costumes I wanted it to be completly wire free and soft and suitable for young children. As you can ee from my second prototype it is hard to get it to keep its shape! It is also hard not to break 9 needles on that many layers of fleece and wadding.. but I will get there.

I am only making the helmet but I found this amazing post by truebluemeandyou on how to make an astronaut suit out of duct tape and a snow suit from a charity shop! 


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