My first craft fair!

In November I attended the Goodwood Christmas Fair in Chichester for a three day craft fair, it was my first craft fair and not knowing what to expect I made as many costumes as I could while working a part time job. I found it hard to estimate which costumes would be most popular as my online stats are so varied, in the end I decided on mainly dragon tails (my cheapest) and a fair amount of stegosaurus' and unicorns and just a few sharks and whales. The marketing for the fair was very good and I had a few pre orders which perked up my spirits! The fair itself was a huge success, it was a really enjoyable few days and so satisfying seeing so many people interested in what I make and do with my spare time. It was well worth it it for me and I will definitely be going back in 2016 if they'll have me!

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